Songs for Bluebird

What If
Flower Bowl
Don’t Make Up Stories
One Man Band
Quiet Hours
Simple Twist Of Fate
The Burn Will Never Fade
Little Song
How Could I Stop
Presence For You
Forever Mando
Exercise On A
Song To Howl To
Someday at Cutaway Lake
Long Monday (next day)
Long Monday
I Will Follow You
My Bug
I Bet She Parties
Dink’s Song
I’ll Be Here Waiting
Not Like This Before
Would Nots
Kevin’s visit from Duluth was here
I’m Just Tryna Write A Song
Song For A Broken Wrist
Maybe I’m Just A Little More Lonely Than Her
Blue Eyes Somethin’
A Little Bit Closer
What Are You Doin’ On Friday Night Babe?
Unknown Legend
Love Light
Ridin’ Waves
I Didn’t Have You
Road To Duluth
So Long Kdawg
When She Sees Me
So Bright
Walking After You
Satisfaction too
Lowest Lows
I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
My Girlfriend’s Guitar
Pink Moon
Things I Wanna Whisper
Morning Laundry
Nite Thots
April Snow
Mumbling Song
Why I Thought
Little Bird
Thousand Miles Apart
Miles Apart
Starting Over
Easter Song
Marvelous Nite For A Moondance
Scattered Morning
Long Late Afternoon
Could It Be You
Meditation Room
Makin’ Room
Let Me Feel You
Just An Old Hobo
Win Back Your Love
Are You Tellin’ Me It’s Over?
Fool For You
One Irish Rover
Irish Rover
Ace Of Wands Upside Down
Coffee Brewing
Sunrise Coffee
Like A Rush Of Wind
Horny For You
It Should Be Me
Getcha Good
Morning Dance
Find You Again
I’m On Fire Too
We Had It All
Taking A Look
Hate It When You Leave
Said From The First
Gypsy Strings
Worryin’ (class assignment 3!)
This Universe With You
Edgar and Johnny
Don’t Lose Her
Neon Moon
Thousand Miles
Construction Zone
Playing For You At The Window
No Matter What
Pretty Strummin’
Fur Elise practice
fur Elise etc
All My Love In Vain
I Choose You (class assignment 2!)
Bob’s Back Pages
Someday Someone Will Come Along
In Spite Of Ourselves
Change, Change (class assignment 1! final version)
Love’s In The Back Seat
Feeling Darkness
Joe’s Groove (class assignment 1!)
Oh Lane
She’s Your Lover Now
Five String Serenade
Goodnight Baby I Love You
Old Year
Vous Etes La Lune
I Don’t Wanna Wake Up From This Dream
Baby Please Can We Talk It Over
Baby Don’t Be Sad
Silent Nite
Morning Work
Percy’s Song
Wind ‘n Rain etc
N. Fourth St.
Take Your Time
Song Radio
When You Tell Me Goodnight
Coffee Dripping
Flavor Of A Dream
I’m Your Doorman, Baby
Stop Waiting
Come With Me – acoustic demo
Come With Me – electric demo
Goodnight to the Cats
Fade Into You
Fields of Gold
Tryna’ Sound Nice
Just Gettin’ Lost
Draw A Line In The Sand
I Like This Girl
Time of Your Life
Eternal Flame
Easy Sunrise
Evening Waves
Morning Seas
Halfass Out The Door
Mother of Confusion
It Was Only The Wind
Remember The Time
Got My Hair Back Baby
Baby Please Don’t Go
Funky Lil’ Soundcheck Jam
Which Caught Me By Surprise
First Snow
Thinking Of You
This Is Me Lovin’ You
Run, River, Run
Just An Old Dog
Lettin’ You Take The Wheel
No Claim
Don’t Crush Her (With Your Love)
Debatable Funk – jam
She Don’t Remember
Changing Seasons — meditation
Summer Cold
C F G F loop — meditation jam
G F Em F loop — meditation jam
Joy Of Man’s Desiring — meditation
And So I’m Gonna Break Your Heart
Meditation #884
Worried Mando – meditation
Operator Help Me – Pigpen, Grateful Dead cover
Lane’s Bass Riff
First Notes — meditation
That Just Came Right Out Of My Mouth
Do That Dance You Do
Darling, Where Are You?
Feel Me Now?
I Won’t Back Down – mandolin instrumental
Thinking Things Through – meditation
I Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty cover
Little Red Wagon
Tied Up In Rope
That Someone
Meditation #6346
Landslide – Stevie Nicks
Heart of the Matter – Don Henley cover
Waiting For Coffee
Forget Me When I’m Gone
Sedona – Houndsmouth cover
Adore You – Harry Styles cover
Can’t Get Enough
Cut The Love Crap (demo)
First Name Rock Last Name Roll (demo)
Star Ave S No. 47
Mary, Whatcha Gonna Do With The Flowers?
One More Glass Of Whiskey
I Struggle With It
I Won’t Spill The Whiskey
Don’t Spill The Whiskey
South 3rd St Riff #43
Be Gentle With Me
Little Did I Know (demo)
Lullaby for Lanie
Slide riffin’ ..
Listen Up, Motherf!@#$r
By Daylight
Spiced Rum
See You Later
Lookin’ For Each Other
Like She’s Indigo (take 2)
Like She’s Indigo (take 1)
I’ll See You In The Morning .. meditation
Indigo Guitar Mantra
Shootin’ Blind
Hot To The Touch
Every Waking Moment Is A Universe
Where Does Our Love Go?
Where Does Our Love Grow?
Mandolin Meadow meditation
California Stars piano
Morning Mandolin
California Stars – Woody Guthrie, Wilco
Sea of Heartbreak – Paul Hampton/Hal David, Don Gibson, Johnny Cash etc
How Do We Get There From Here?
It’s As The Crow Flies
Burnin’ Love – Elvis Presley
Slippin’ Away – Rolling Stones
Mando morning exercise
Someday Someone .. stereo mix 🙂
Between .. meditation
Sweet Child …
She Says She Loves Me More .. stereo mix 🙂
Drive On City
She Says She Loves Me More (Harmonica)
She Says She Loves Me More
When You Say Nothing At All – Alison Krauss
Huckleberry Jam – Brad Paisley
Nervous Breakdown – Brad Paisley
Bass Sounds Experiment .. weird meditation
Thirteen – Big Star
S 3rd St #13 .. just thinkin out loud
Goin’ Across The Sea, traditional, with Fen
Seneca Squaredance, traditional, with Fen
Gal I Left Behind Me, traditional, with Fen
Pretty Little Dog, traditional, with Fen
Falling, Falling .. meditation
See Me?
Angel Talk .. a Black Crows thought
Nationwide – ZZ Top
Wailin’ Riffs
It’s Not What You Said
She Smiled Sweetly – Rolling Stones
Three Two One – Meditation in D
Matchbox – Carl Perkins
A Fleeting Meditation
The hours they bring me pain .. a Led Zeppelin thought
Bloosin .. electric thoughts
Stars Fade Out .. thoughts
Reminiscing ..
That’s Not The Problem
Paisley riffin’
Beyond – Leon Bridges
Only What You Give … thoughts on Tesla’s long hair
No Expectations
Let U Drive
Crimson & Clover, Over & Over
Layla, O Layla … thoughts on Layla
Afternoon jammin’…
Gloria jammin’ .. thoughts on Gloria, Patti, Van, Lane
When Our Love Fades
Starving – Hailee Steinfeld & Grey
Islands In The Sky
Kingston … thoughts on Faye Webster
When Our Love Fades, the sad version
Someday Someone Who Loves Me
Maybe She’s A Bluebird – Robert Hunter
Don’t Think Twice – Bob Dylan