Joe Eddie, the grass roots kind of hillbilly — ramblin’, gamblin’ tumbleweed street flower — hails from the great plains of North Dakota and has been playing guitar since the ripe ol’ age of 9. He has written over 500 songs and multiple books of poetry. But if covers are more your vibe, he has a mental jukebox of 1000+. Finger picking sing-a-longs, melodies that take your heart on a trip, and rock ‘n roll that awakens your soul. Music is his primary language that creates the kind of convo he likes to have with anyone. He delivers on the promise of a story, one song at a time. He’s jammed in a handful of bands and with several artists of all genres and has loved everyone. Except for that one chick… well, that’s a story for another time!

“Nice to meet you. If you’re hearin’ this journey with me, I believe our paths crossed for a reason. So, it’s been a pleasure. Til’ next time… (tip of the hat)”
— Joe Eddie