Grand Rapids Live Set

Milk & Bone Blues
I’m On Fire
Someday Someone
Johnny B Goode
Remember The Time
Flavor Of A Dream
Stop Waiting
Dink’s Song
Don’t Crush Her

Pour Another Round
Dim Lights, Thick Smoke
Lonesome Neon Glow
Gal I Left Behind Me
I Was Only Having Fun
I Can’t Keep A Secret
See You Later

Little Red Wagon
Dusty Boot Blues
I Know You Know
I’m Just Trying To Write A Song
Seeds & Stems Again Blues
Clay Pigeons
Fallin Through The Sky


Milk & Bone Blues


— talking —

I’m On Fire

Don’t Think Twice

Someday Someone

Remember The Time

Flavor of a Dream

Stop Waiting

Dink’s Song

When Our Love Fades
Let You Drive

No Expectations
That’s Not The Problem
Three Two One meditation in D

Take Your Time

Don’t Crush Her

Slippin’ Away
The Worst
Hate It When You Leave

No Claim

I Struggle With It

Cut The Love Crap


Love’s In The Back Seat

See Me?

She Says She Loves Me More

Drive On CIty

It’s as the Crow Flies

How Do We Get There From Here?

Come With Me

Long Monday
Day Is Done

Thousand Miles From Nowhere

Guitars, Cadillacs

Clay Pigeons
Picture Cards

Hope I dont fall in love
Grapefruit Moon

Fallin’ Thru The Sky (amongst the prine stuff)

Gal I Left Behind Me (pair with dinks song)

If Tha Blooz Don’t Kill Me

I’ll See You Later

That’s Not The Problem

Are You That Someone?

Where Does Our Love Go?

Every Waking Moment is a Universe

Hot to the Touch

Shootin’ Blind

Lookin For Each Other

SEe yOu Later

Spiced Rum

By Daylight


Little Did I Know

Be Gentle With Me

I struggle WIth It

Mary Watcha Gonna Do

Little Red Wagon

This Is Me Lovin You

Feel Me Now

Pilgrim #33

Seeds And Stems Again Blues

First Name Rock, Last Name Roll

Cut the Love Crap

Can’t Get Enough

Forget Me When I’m Gone

That Someone

Tied UP IN Rope

Little Red Wagon

FEel Me Now?

Do that Dance YOu Do

Summer Cold

She DOn’t Remember

Don’t Crush Her

No Claim

Ruv River Run
THis is Me Lovin You
First Snow


Baby Please dont go

Remember the TIme

It was ONly tHe Wind

Mother of Confusion

Stop Waiting

Flavor of a Dream

Take Your Time

Loves In The Back SEat

Are you tellin me its over?

Win back your love

My Girlfriend’s Guitar

Lowest Lows

Friends in Low Places

When She SEes me

I didnt have you

A little bit closer

Maybe I’m just a littel more lonely than her

I’m just tryna write a song

Would Nots

Not Like This Before

I Bet She Parties

Don’t Make Up Stories

The Race Is On
Johnny B. Goode

The Apartment Song


Blowin In The Wind

Maybe She’s A Bluebird

Mr. Tambourine Man