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Winter Mini Tour Dates!

Hey y’all, exciting news!

The final dates for the winter mini tour are all set! 🤘🎸🎶✨

18 January – Dialectic Brewing & Ciderhouse – Mandan, ND

20 January – Blue Rider – Minot, ND

22 January – Bushwakker Brewing – Regina, SK

27 January – Mercury Cafe – Regina, SK

Serving up the warm stuff in the cold dead of winter. Hope to see you out there! 🦫❄️

Want to see Joe Eddie in your town? Know a good venue? Get in touch!

I’m so excited to be on the road and playing a few shows! It takes so much work getting these things set up, but it’s a lot of fun and I meet a lot of really great people. I hope it’s a success and people come out and the songs sound good and everyone has a good time! I’d love to keep playing little miniature tours like this year round.

Want to see Joe Eddie in your town? Know a good venue? Get in touch!

Peace and love y’all, and I hope to see you soon,

Joe Eddie

Under The Pressure

Joe Eddie’s new single, “Under The Pressure”, a cover of the smash hit by alt rock band The War On Drugs, is out now!

Listen on:






Under The Pressure by Joe Eddie

This song was suggested by our drummer, Kevin Grinde, who’s been grooving to the drum stylings of Drugs drummer Charlie Hall. Kevin and Steve Benson, our organist and producer, cooked up a bed for me to lay down the mandolin and vocals. The mando was Steve’s idea, and I think it’s a good one! I play the mandolin a little bit, and it’s fun to bring it in with the band on a modern rock and roll song.

And hey, how about that art work?! The cover art for this number is created by my friend and fellow artist Steve Smith, better known as the rock doctor! I dig Steve’s dirty collage style, and I think this image really captures the emotion and the tension of the song. Check out more of Steve’s rockin’ work at his website,, and on Instagram,

Listen on:






Joe Eddie LIVE Artist Showcase – June 11, 2023

Join the Joe Eddie Band for some good rockin’ fun!

Joe Eddie LIVE Artist Showcase – June 11, 2023

Joe Eddie – Guitar, harmonica, vocals
Greg “Peat Moss” Norman – Bass, vocals
Kevin “Chaos” Grinde – Drums

“Pour Another Round”
“Seeds And Stems Again Blues”
“A Little Bit Closer”
“To Live Is To Fly”
“Little Red Wagon”
“I Was Only Havin’ Fun”
“She Said I’ll See You Later”
“Guitars, Cadillacs”
“If Tha Blooz Don’t Kill Me”

For more visit and rock on!

MATCHBOX Joe Eddie covers Carl Perkins

Well I’m sittin’ here wonderin’, would a matchbox hold my clothes?

“Matchbox” is a song written and recorded by Carl Perkins and released in 1957. I learned it from my buddy Red from The HeatSeekers. Check out this solo rendition on my little rattlebox!

Listen to “Matchbox” by Joe Eddie on Spotify!

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Listen to “Matchbox” by Joe Eddie on YouTube!

Listen to “Matchbox” by Joe Eddie on Amazon!

I ain’t got no matches but I sure got a long way to go!