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Winter Mini Tour Dates!

Hey y’all, exciting news!

The final dates for the winter mini tour are all set! 🤘🎸🎶✨

18 January – Dialectic Brewing & Ciderhouse – Mandan, ND

20 January – Blue Rider – Minot, ND

22 January – Bushwakker Brewing – Regina, SK

27 January – Mercury Cafe – Regina, SK

Serving up the warm stuff in the cold dead of winter. Hope to see you out there! 🦫❄️

Want to see Joe Eddie in your town? Know a good venue? Get in touch!

I’m so excited to be on the road and playing a few shows! It takes so much work getting these things set up, but it’s a lot of fun and I meet a lot of really great people. I hope it’s a success and people come out and the songs sound good and everyone has a good time! I’d love to keep playing little miniature tours like this year round.

Want to see Joe Eddie in your town? Know a good venue? Get in touch!

Peace and love y’all, and I hope to see you soon,

Joe Eddie

Under The Pressure

Joe Eddie’s new single, “Under The Pressure”, a cover of the smash hit by alt rock band The War On Drugs, is out now!

Listen on:






Under The Pressure by Joe Eddie

This song was suggested by our drummer, Kevin Grinde, who’s been grooving to the drum stylings of Drugs drummer Charlie Hall. Kevin and Steve Benson, our organist and producer, cooked up a bed for me to lay down the mandolin and vocals. The mando was Steve’s idea, and I think it’s a good one! I play the mandolin a little bit, and it’s fun to bring it in with the band on a modern rock and roll song.

And hey, how about that art work?! The cover art for this number is created by my friend and fellow artist Steve Smith, better known as the rock doctor! I dig Steve’s dirty collage style, and I think this image really captures the emotion and the tension of the song. Check out more of Steve’s rockin’ work at his website,, and on Instagram,

Listen on:






SOMETHIN’ ELSE! Joe Eddie covers Eddie Cochran

Hey looka there.. here she comes! Rocker Eddie Cochran had a banger with his 1959 hit “Somethin’ Else”, and now I’ve given it my high-energy guitar kiss! Check it out now on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, etc etc!

Listen to “Somethin’ Else” by Joe Eddie on Spotify!

Listen to “Somethin’ Else” by Joe Eddie on iTunes!

Listen to “Somethin’ Else” by Joe Eddie on YouTube!

Listen to “Somethin’ Else” by Joe Eddie on Amazon!

She’s sure fine lookin’ man, wow, she’s something else!

New Single Out Friday! If Tha Blooz Don’t Kill Me

If Tha Blooz Don’t Kill Me, I know that whiskey will!

And if that White Lightnin’ don’t do me, you know that red-haired woman will!!!

I’m so excited for my new single to be released on Spotify and iTunes in just two days, this Friday, July 12, 2019!!!

Listen here:



About the song:

This song is a blues folk song recorded with an electric guitar over a soft steady backing of bass and acoustic guitar. I wrote this song as part of a larger collection of songs, each attempting to express what I call Tha Blooz, an updated and modern inflection on the long tradition of “blues” music with creative instrumentation, song form and arrangement. I hope to release more, and perform live shows in support of this music!

Final Songwriter Challenge Update From Joe Eddie

Howdy friends of Joe Eddie!

It is with a tinge of disappointment I offer
the news that Joe Eddie was not named a finalist
in the Half Brothers Brewing Company 2018 Songwriter
Challenge. 🙁

The competition ran June through August, with four
song finalists chosen each month by a single judge.
The nine performers (some had multiple songs nominated)
will compete at Half Brothers Brewery tonight for a
panel of judges, the winner earning a prime performance
spot at the upcoming Greenway Takeover Festival.

For my submissions to the songwriter challenge,
I submitted a new song written fresh each week,
which taken together intend to tell a continuous story,
called “As The River Turns: The Red River Adventures Of
Captain Joe Eddie”.

You can listen to all 12 songs in order as a playlist, here:

Although I was not named a finalist for the competition,
I am happy to have the songs, and the story, and the
experience. The song collection was even featured by
columnist Brad Dokken in the Grand Forks Herald
“Outdoors” section!

BRAD DOKKEN COLUMN: August ends with catfish songs and a prized ‘Hen’

In the future, I am hoping to play the songs from
“As The River Turns: The Red River Adventures Of
Captain Joe Eddie” in a series of live shows around
the region, and perhaps record them in a studio, with
some talented musicians, for a full release. I think
the songs will perform well each on their own, and
together they tell a fun and interesting mythological

Congratulations and best of luck in the finals
to the other songwriters, and thanks to Half Brothers
Brewing Company, and coordinator Anthony Diaz and
judge Max Wolpert, and the contest sponsors for
working and contributing to put on the challenge.

Finally, a SPECIAL THANKS to my friends Kevin Grinde
and Dennis Riedhammer, for filming and helping produce
many of the videos in the collection, and for supporting
my efforts in the songwriting challenge, and moreso in the
creation of this artwork, in which I could not have done
so well without them. Thanks guys!

Also, thanks to you, dear readers and fans, for listening!!!
The collection is here, anytime —

Peace and love,
Joe Eddie

As The River Turns: Joe Eddie’s New Song Collection

Howdy fans of Joe Eddie!

I’m so excited to tell everybody the news —

I’ve completed a collection of 12 new folk songs, called
“As The River Turns: The Red River Adventures Of Captain Joe Eddie”.

You can WATCH THE VIDEOS of the ENTIRE COLLECTION, in this YouTube playlist:

The songs were written as part of the summer-long songwriting contest
sponsored by our local brewery, Half Brothers, in downtown Grand Forks.
Contestants are asked to submit a new song, recorded live, each week through the months of June, July, and August.

For my song entries, I decided to write each one as part of a larger collective story.  I’m angling for a sort of river fishing adventure story.

I never even knew there were mermaid brides out there, until I wrote these songs.  I mean I have heard of mermaids, heard of sightings, but I didn’t know if they were really real, let alone that they could become a sailor’s bride.

That’s when I really learned what it meant to be a sailor, what it meant to sail, and all the many ways we all can go a-sailing in our lives, in this world.  We create worlds when we sail, it should be obvious, it’s of the greatest legends of our founding times, how the explorers left England and Spain, to Discover the New World, and they did, they sure did, we’re living it today, with all our politics and policies, our nations and our heroes, it all started with sailing projects.  It’s amazing, we’re literally living in a world created by sailors going out to sea, and so it is now becoming apparent to me how worlds can be created by just setting sail.

It’s a story of discovery and rebirth; and in the end, you’re left to find your own way again.  A little bit lost, but knowing a little bit more, maybe a lot more, than you did before.  It’s very symmetrical, there’s a complete duality to the entire story, and I’m really excited and inspired by the powerful possibilities it represents and promises for future work and adventures.

I hope you’ll listen to the songs as if reading a book, listening to the stories and thinking about them for yourself, a little bit selfishly, as you would a good book:

And I hope you enjoy the songs, and the story.  I realize they’re a little long, and the cuts are a little rough …
Hopefully, in the near future, plans will be made to record and perform all of these songs with more musicians,
with more rehearsal and strength, cooked long like a good catfish stew, and we end up with a nice little folk story.

If you’re following along, I sure thank you, and please feel free to let me know what you think of
“As The River Turns: The Red River Adventures Of Captain Joe Eddie”!

Thanks —
Peace, love,
Joe Eddie