I Needed You Today

Written and recorded a few years ago, just a rough draft of a new song. I was learning how to play country licks on my Telecaster, and had a fun time recording all of these parts for a layered sound.

At first it wasn’t real apparent
I knew I wouldn’t feel it right away
Though it’s a long time comin’, change hit me in an instant
I knew I needed you today

Baby I know it sounds so silly
Just a worn-out old cliche
But I know the truth so simple
I got nothin’ else to say

And I know I went on for a long time
Before I come callin’ back your way
Baby I’m just beggin’ you to feel me
I knew I needed you today

Always felt like the outsider
Unseen walking through the crowd
I know nobody’s listenin’
Even when they hear me talk out loud

But when I look into your eyes, babe
I know we got some kind of understanding
So honey take me by the hand, babe
I hope our love is never ending,
Never ending

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