MUSIC VIDEO: The Earring Song

The Earring Song

Twists and turns, acidic burns
In the dark will we find the spark for home

No signs to be seen, just lost in a dream
By 9 Train, I return with the ring

Erin calls for Oisin’s footfalls
Where three hundred years have gone past

Quoth the frog, from a hollow log
Brekekex, brekekex, coax

High upon the sea, and who shall I see?
Craxy Chester and Sweet Ann Marie

Catfish Stew, Catfish Mermaid too
The faces and places I’ve found

‘Round the Horn, where New Hope is borne
Together we weather the storm

Old Coulston’s wall, the fish hook and all
The memory of a lifetime ago

Earring hangs, as Lady Foot dangles
The joy that innocently surrounds

Crashing rocks, we rush for the docks
We find that it’s now stranger than known

Through the light, a new blinding sight
Too radiant, too shining to know

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