Joe Eddie enters songwriting contest

Howdy fans of Joe Eddie!

Just dropping a note to update you on a few new songs that I’ve written in the past few weeks…

A local brewery, Half Brothers, in downtown Grand Forks, is sponsoring a songwriting competition throughout the summer.
Contestants are asked to submit a new song, recorded live, each week through the months of June, July, and August.
You can see all of my song entries on my youtube channel, at

For my song entries, I decided to write each one as part of a larger collective story.  I’m angling for a sort of river fishing adventure story.
Here are the first four songs, in order of appearance:

Song #1:  “Ain’t Gon’ Fishin’ (In The Mornin’)”

Song #2:  “Lady Foot Dangle”

Song #3:  “All On The Banks Of The Muddy Red River”

Song #4:  “Into The Belly Of The Catfish”

The next entry is due today ….  so I’ll be looking for inspiration, reaching for my pen, in just a few minutes …
I hope you enjoy the songs, and the story.  I realize they’re a little long, and the cuts are a little rough …
Hopefully, in time, they get ironed out a bit, and when all’s sung and done, we end up with a nice little folk story.

If you’re following along, I sure thank you, and please feel free to let me know!
Thanks —
Peace, love,
Joe Eddie

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