MUSIC VIDEO: All On The Banks Of The Muddy Red River

Howdy y’all, here’s the next chapter in my song submissions to the local Half Brothers 2018 songwriter challenge .. and it IS a challenge .. hope you enjoy, and as always, thanks for listening! — Joe Eddie

All On The Banks Of The Muddy Red River

As I went out one bright new morning
New fishin’ hook to try
All on the banks of the Muddy Red River
A fair damsel caught my eye

Since the morning was so nice
New summer sun shin’d bright
Thought I’d catch up to the lady
If my footsteps might

I saw her go around the bend
Up past the hollow log
Along the banks of the Muddy Red River
A’bounding with her dog

With three long steps I was beside her
And what I first thought was her dog
Bounding along with this lovely girl
Was indeed an ugly frog

His eyes were big and his cheeks were fat
On his mouth he wore a frown
His legs were long even when he sat
And on his head he wore a crown

And as I stood in awkward wonder
This frog turned to me and croaked
Were the words he spoke

I said, “Excuse me, fine young girl,
I do not mean to impose,
But I would follow a pretty girl like you
Anywhere she goes.”

“Well yes, kind sir, I understand,
But you are not the first,” said she,
“For to this man I am betrothed,
And to my heart he holds the key.”

“What man? What man?” I wondered aloud,
For no man could I see
But “Brekekex-coax-coax,”
Croaked again that frog to me

Well wonder and then laughter came
For what they did imply
That the girl and frog were meant to be
I laughed so hard I nearly cried

As the summer was brand new
And the morning sun was warm
I thought I’d play a word or two
Before I took my hook and worm

“Well tell me lady, if thou pleased,
Tell how could it be,
That such a frog with croaks as these,
Could be betrothed to thee?”

She swooned and held her breast to him
As he looked back at me
With his “brekekex-coax-coax” croak
It was a sight to see!

“Well kind sir, since thou asked,
‘Tis simple, plain as this:
Frog Prince has earned my love at last
By a promise and a kiss.”

And as the summer was brand new
And the sun shone nice and bright
I thought I’d ask one further question
If perchance I might

“Lovely darling,” says I, “so
Although you’re to be wed,
Please be my love and leave this toad
And take my hand instead?”

The frog croaked deep and high
Came the frog’s reply

“Young man of wicked false deceit and lies,
Brekekex-coax,” he said,
“You shall have my lovely bride
If you can take this crown from my head!”

And as the sun shone nice and bright
And the summer was brand new
I decided I should strike this frog
Without further ado

“Well yes, kind frog, that’s quite a duel.
Your challenge I acccept.
With one fell swoop I shall have the jewels
Which upon your head are kept.

And with your crown I shall have my prize
With which you now abide
Sweet lady, diamond of my eyes,
Then you shall be my bride!”

And with my right hand I struck right out
While my left swung round and round
I reached up to that tall frog’s snout
While my feet jumped off the ground

And I wouldn’t lie if I said
I landed square upon his crown
But his fungus skin made me slip instead
Into the Muddy Red River and drown

And as the summer was brand new
And the sun shone bright and hot
T’was into the mouth of a Muddy Red River catfish
I felt myself had got

And on the banks I heard their laughter
That frog bound his bride away
All along on a bright new morning
Of a brand new summer’s day

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