As The River Turns: Joe Eddie’s New Song Collection

Howdy fans of Joe Eddie!

I’m so excited to tell everybody the news —

I’ve completed a collection of 12 new folk songs, called
“As The River Turns: The Red River Adventures Of Captain Joe Eddie”.

You can WATCH THE VIDEOS of the ENTIRE COLLECTION, in this YouTube playlist:

The songs were written as part of the summer-long songwriting contest
sponsored by our local brewery, Half Brothers, in downtown Grand Forks.
Contestants are asked to submit a new song, recorded live, each week through the months of June, July, and August.

For my song entries, I decided to write each one as part of a larger collective story.  I’m angling for a sort of river fishing adventure story.

I never even knew there were mermaid brides out there, until I wrote these songs.  I mean I have heard of mermaids, heard of sightings, but I didn’t know if they were really real, let alone that they could become a sailor’s bride.

That’s when I really learned what it meant to be a sailor, what it meant to sail, and all the many ways we all can go a-sailing in our lives, in this world.  We create worlds when we sail, it should be obvious, it’s of the greatest legends of our founding times, how the explorers left England and Spain, to Discover the New World, and they did, they sure did, we’re living it today, with all our politics and policies, our nations and our heroes, it all started with sailing projects.  It’s amazing, we’re literally living in a world created by sailors going out to sea, and so it is now becoming apparent to me how worlds can be created by just setting sail.

It’s a story of discovery and rebirth; and in the end, you’re left to find your own way again.  A little bit lost, but knowing a little bit more, maybe a lot more, than you did before.  It’s very symmetrical, there’s a complete duality to the entire story, and I’m really excited and inspired by the powerful possibilities it represents and promises for future work and adventures.

I hope you’ll listen to the songs as if reading a book, listening to the stories and thinking about them for yourself, a little bit selfishly, as you would a good book:

And I hope you enjoy the songs, and the story.  I realize they’re a little long, and the cuts are a little rough …
Hopefully, in the near future, plans will be made to record and perform all of these songs with more musicians,
with more rehearsal and strength, cooked long like a good catfish stew, and we end up with a nice little folk story.

If you’re following along, I sure thank you, and please feel free to let me know what you think of
“As The River Turns: The Red River Adventures Of Captain Joe Eddie”!

Thanks —
Peace, love,
Joe Eddie

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